Why Caitlin's Retreat?

Loving and caring for a special needs child brings with it enormous financial, physical and emotional costs. Especially when going on holidays.

There are the costs of specialised equipment for transportation, mobility, bathing, feeding and personal hygiene.

There are practical issues of accessibility to venues and activities, and of the availability of appropriate bathing and toileting facilities. There is the emotional toll of the never ending, exhausting routines and responsibilities.

There is the isolation that comes from being "different". These obstacles impact not only on the disabled child, but the whole family unit. Most families of Special Needs Children have very limited, if any, opportunities for day trips or holidays. Often, if they are fortunate enough to do so, it is in the form of "respite" from their child.

Who Can Apply?

Caitlin's Retreat is specifically intended only for those families who have a child whose severe physical and/or intellectual disability precludes them accessing alternative holiday venues or facilities. This may be due to travel difficulties, the need to be close to medical/hospital facilities, the need for appropriate sleeping/bathing facilities or the need for a quiet and private venue. Access to Caitlin's Retreat is not means tested, and each application will be considered based on the condition of the special needs child.

How Can I Apply?

Caitlin's Retreat is available to Special Needs Children and their immediate families. The accommodation houses up to eight people in total.

Please download this application for and send it to info@caitlinsretreat.org if you are interested in visiting Caitlin's Retreat.

Cailtins Retreat Selection Criteria Application Process

Application Form Application Form (109 KB)